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Nursery Tour

I’m excited to be sharing this with you today! It’s something we’ve been working on since we found out we were expecting...View Full Post

Homemade Whole Wheat + Oat Bread

I got started on this bread making kick last year when I was determined to duplicate my mother-in-laws bread recipe that she’s been...View Full Post

My Geometric Baby Shower

I have my wonderful friends to thank for this one! They did an outstanding job planning my baby shower and let me just say it was adorable!...View Full Post

Recently Pinning | Hopes and Dreams

I think it’s funny sometimes how Pinterest can be whatever you want it to be. You scroll through and pin the perfect wedding dress,...View Full Post

DSLR Camera Workshop – February 7th

I’m so excited to be hosting another camera workshop! These classes have been so great and I love that people are learning how to...View Full Post

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year from ShutterChic Photography! | 2014

What a year it has been! I can’t begin to describe the ways that we’ve been blessed this year with ShutterChic and with our...View Full Post

One Photo | ShutterChic Photography | Lauren

Sometimes you just take one photo. You love it for so many reasons, but you don’t know why. This is that photo. “You are...View Full Post

Santa Barbara Recap | UNITED 2014| ShutterChic Photography

Last week I had the privilege of visiting Santa Barbara. I went for a photography conference called United. It was a great week of...View Full Post

Recently Pinning: Blush + Gold

This post pretty much sums up my photography brand. If you look at my website you’ll see the pink, tan(gold), white, and gray. Or...View Full Post

UNITED 2014 – Santa Barbara

We were created to be together. Often times that’s what creative, freelancers and the self-employed lack – togetherness. As a...View Full Post

ShutterChic Gift Cards -Now Available! | Colorado Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I truly believe that photography is a gift and a privilege to have. Giving someone the gift of precious photos of their family or wedding...View Full Post

Friday FunDay

I’m so excited for this weekend for so many reasons! I don’t have many plans, but I do have a few good ones! Starting at 10am...View Full Post

Q+A: Starting ShutterChic | ShutterChic Photography | Colorado Wedding Photographer

A lot of times to make small talk at the start of a photo shoot, people will ask me how and when I got started in photography. It’s...View Full Post

Business Trip! I’m in Seattle!

Earlier today, like much earlier, I boarded a plane to Seattle. I just landed a little while ago and was picked up by another photographer...View Full Post

FEATURED! E-Mag – First Edition

So excited to announce that ShutterChic has the front and back cover of the NEWEST E-Magazine Winter Edition! In October I...View Full Post