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On the Blog in 2014 | ShutterChic Photography

It’s a personal goal of mine to be better at blogging in 2014. Writing and storytelling isn’t something that comes natural to...View Full Post

NEW! Frames now available from ShutterChic Photography!

Gorgeous frames for your home can now be purchased directly from ShutterChic! I am so excited to offer these gorgeous frames that will fit...View Full Post

Our Turn! Aaker Family Photos!

It was just about to be Fall and we were getting ready to leave for our trip to Mexico! I was insistant on getting photos of Ben and I...View Full Post

Our First Home!

It’s official! Ben and I are home owners! On July 26th we closed on our first home and we are thrilled! We’ve been in just over...View Full Post

Ava James.

She’s 3 years old today. She’s not mine, but I love her. Ben and I were there when she was born. It was incredible to see our...View Full Post

Dora Grace | Vendor Spotlight | ShutterChic Photography

Timiry is her name. She’s the sweet owner of Dora Grace. Has been, and will remain my favorite bridal boutique in Fort Collins! Dora...View Full Post

Belle Shea Salon | Vendor Spotlight | ShutterChic Photography

Starting a new little series here on the blog called Vendor Spotlight! It’s not like you don’t know what that means, but...View Full Post

One Year

It’s been one year. One year since the best day of my life. One year since I married my best friend. The one who makes me laugh...View Full Post

Colorado Springs Photographer | Josh + Megan | ShutterChic Photography

I got to photograph Josh and Megan a couple months back and had so much fun with them! They are awesome people. Currently they reside in...View Full Post

Lace.and.Lilies | Vendor Feature | ShutterChic Photography

Earlier today I got the chance to go hang out with the girls of Lace.and.Lilies, Lacey and Lisa! (kinda confusing. i know.) I snapped a few...View Full Post

UNITED 2013 – Santa Barbara | ShutterChic Photography

Last week I had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to join with fellow photographers at a conference in Santa Barbara. UNITED 2013. NEVER did I...View Full Post


Loved getting away for the holidays this year! I was with Ben’s family on Christmas Day in San Diego and we decided to go to the...View Full Post

NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH – Contest Winners

Thank you all for entering my new website launch contest! I’m loving the new site, and it sounds as if you all are too! The winners...View Full Post

New Website Launch!

HEY ALL! I just got back from Phoenix for a website workshop with Promise Tangeman! She’s a rockin’ graphic designer, and she...View Full Post

WPPI Experience & Contest

Headed out to Las Vegas, NV this past Saturday knowing only to expect to be overwhelmed. I was warned that I would leave with tons of paper...View Full Post

Dreamy Light Inspiration

Amongst Autumn setting in upon us, this past weekend was filled with some dreamy Colorado light! I was also inspired this weekend to become...View Full Post