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Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

You guys. These are so good and I think I made them five or six times in the last month I was pregnant! Oops! I love to bake as it is,...View Full Post

Gold Foil Print Giveaway – The Chic Shop!

Hi Friends! We have an exciting announcement! Over at TheChicShop.Co on Instagram there’s a fun little giveaway going on! Simply tag...View Full Post

Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding | ShutterChic Photography | Audra + Chip

I’ve known Audra for almost 10 years now so getting to photograph her wedding was so special! Her and Chip had a smile on their faces...View Full Post

Date Night – 5.22.15

Ben and I are having a date night THIS Friday and I’m so excited to post about this today because it just happens to be one of my...View Full Post

NEW Camera Workshop + Photoshop Workshop Dates!

Excited to post new class dates for the Camera and Photoshop Workshops! You can find out more about them here and also register on The Chic...View Full Post

DSLR Camera Workshop – February 7th

I’m so excited to be hosting another camera workshop! These classes have been so great and I love that people are learning how to...View Full Post

Mini Sessions | October 18th | Fort Collins

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be offering mini sessions in just a few weeks! Only a few time spots are left so email me...View Full Post

The Camera Workshop | September 27th | ShutterChic Photography

I’m super excited to announce that I will be hosting a Camera Workshop on September 27th! This class will be from 10:30-12pm at my...View Full Post

Q+A: How I use BlogStomp | ShutterChic Photography

Social media can be so frustrating sometimes! And more than that, getting a solid system down of how to use each social media consistently!...View Full Post

Boudoir Event // July 18th

These boudoir events have become quite popular and I love it! We have TWO SPOTS LEFT for the July event at 11:30am and 1:00pm! Hair and...View Full Post

Q+A: Selecting Photos for your Wedding Album | ShutterChic Photography

After the wedding, it’s time to catch up on what you’ve missed while you were on your honeymoon, unpack and put away all your...View Full Post