Q+A: How I use BlogStomp | ShutterChic Photography

Social media can be so frustrating sometimes! And more than that, getting a solid system down of how to use each social media consistently! Blogging is something I’ve been doing on a regular basis since the beginning of 2014. I’ve only been able to do this because I have a system down that works for me and has become part of my workflow! BlogStomp has made by blogging life easier and I use it for every single blog post! I use it to to put images side by side for my blog or social media and add my logo to them. It’s a great program that I highly recommend if you need an easy solution to prepping your images and uploading! 

I’m never one to really change things from the way they come standard when it comes to computer programs. I just download the program and start using it how I need. I often get asked what my settings are in BlogStomp since my images look good on social media. Below I’ve included some screen shots of my settings. It’s WELL worth the $49 and I’d recommend it to anyone! AND the kind people at BlogStomp have graciously given readers of this post a discount code to get the software! You can get 20% off your BlogStomp purchase by using code: “shutterchic20” at checkout! The code expires September 23rd! Thanks, Blogstomp!

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