April 15, 2014

Vendor Spotlight: Intricate Icings

I finally got a chance to work with Intricate Icings last summer at Erika and Michael’s wedding! The cake was one of the prettiest I’ve ever photographed and the guests were raving about how yummy it was! I got to try it too, and yes, it was SO GOOD! I’ve met Rachael, the owner and “chief cake artist” a couple times at different wedding related networking events and today I’m so excited that Intricate Icings is my vendor spotlight!

What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?
I probably only get a drink at Starbucks about 3-4 times a year, but when I do it’s the cool lime refresher. I know it’s not coffee (I don’t get along with caffeine!)

How did you get started? How long have you been in business, etc?
I started decorating cakes as a stress relief from my day job as a physical therapist in 2001. Turned out I really loved cake and was pretty good at decorating! I started my company in 2006 and I have no regrets!

What’s your favorite thing about your business?
I love the challenge of creating something new and different for every client. The process of figuring something out for the first time is a thrill for me. I don’t like making the same cake twice so I’m always trying to change a popular design just a little each time someone requests it so I can create a new challenge.

Intricate Icings

Intricate Icings

What advice do you have for brides when booking a vendor like yourself? What should they know before they contact someone for cake/dessert?
Every cake company has a specialty. Figure out want you want out of your cake first, then find a company that can provide what you are looking for. If you want cupcakes, find a shop that just does cupcakes. If you know you want a show stopping cake then you need to go somewhere other than your local grocery store. Be sure to check portfolios and reviews!!!

How far out should a bride book you?
Most of our clients book 4-6 months out from their wedding date. I actually prefer to be one of the last vendors booked because it’s important for me to see the details of the event in order to design the perfect cake. I look at gowns, invitation, linens, flowers, truly anything that has inspired the wedding in order to design a cake that is fitting for the event.

Do you travel for weddings?
We will travel up to four hours away from our studio. Any trip longer than that can create some difficulty in keeping the cakes cold enough to last the trip and stay perfect for the wedding. We are located in Erie, CO.

Website Link and Contact Info:
Facebook @intricateicingscakededign
Twitter and Instagram : @intricateicings

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