February 24, 2012

WPPI Experience & Contest

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Headed out to Las Vegas, NV this past Saturday knowing only to expect to be overwhelmed. I was warned that I would leave with tons of paper pamphlets, product samples and about a million emails coming to my inbox the week after. They were right. Every single one of them. My suitcase gained about 10 pounds for the flight back. WPPI stands for Wedding & Portrait Photographers International and every year they hold a conference and trade show that draws around 16,000 photographers. Rhema and I decided that this year we needed to attend and that’s just what we did! Having won admission to WPPI through Twitter, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity! While we were there we got to stay with Norina from Maple Hill Photography. She is sweet, full of energy and has 2 super cute kiddos! Our experience at WPPI was second to none and I came home feeling so blessed to have gone, overwhelmed with knowledge, and wanting to change a lot in my business while still holding true to my values and what I can offer my clients. I’m not sure that I could even write down everything I learned and experienced but to say the least – it was AWESOME and I can’t wait to go back next year in March!

As I told you- We are having a contest now that has to deal with what I did while I was there! So below are the questions to answer. You can find answers on my Facebook page and Twitter feed! Use the contact form on my website to enter! Winner will receive a $50 gift card to ShutterChic! All entries received by midnight on Sunday will be entered and the winner will be announced Monday morning! And make sure you “like” the ShutterChic Facebook page!

1) How did I start off my WPPI experience?
2) What gate at the airport did we leave Denver from?
3) Who did I go to WPPI with?
4) What airline did we fly on?
5) How long did it take me to get my coffee at Starbucks in the MGM?
6) How did I start off day number 2 in Vegas?
7) Who did we have dinner with on Monday night?
8) Who did we hear speak on Day 1 of WPPI?
9) What photographers did I have my picture taken with?
10) Whose concert did we attend?
11) Who did I hear speak on Day 2?
12) What color is the new backdrop I want for photo booths?
13) Will I go back to WPPI next year?

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